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Financial Modeling in MS Excel


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Financial Modeling in MS Excel The main objective of this course is to equip participants with relevant methods and techniques for building Financial Models and carrying out What-if analysis in MS Excel. Course Content: • Building Financial Models • Financial functions (FV, PV, NPV, PMT…) • Using Goal Seek to - Investment decision-making Basic/Gross Salary determination given Net Salary Gross amount determination given Amount Payable Pricing decision-making etc. • Data Tables Single-Input Data Table Double-Input Data Table • Using Scenario Manager for - Efficient and effective Budget Reviews Flexible Budgeting etc. • Using Solver for - Optimal Product or Service Mix (i.e., Profit Maximization, Cost Minimization or Target Profit) given certain constraints, Budget optimization and to determine if given targets are achievable. Course Duration: 8 Hours Course Fee: GHS 1500
Price 1,500.00

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