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Certified DevOps Master™ is an advanced-level certification that tests candidates on their ability to develop and maintain sustainable work practices. It enables them to introduce and promote DevOps in their organization in order to better manage application and service life cycles whilst facilitating collaborative teamwork.


Module 1 - DevOps Foundation and Adoption

  • Foundation
  • Why DevOps
  • What is DevOps
  • Business Framework and Practices

Module 2 - Development and Deployment

  • Roles
  • Agile Testing
  • Requirement Analysis

Module 3 - Operation and Scaling

  • Automation
  • Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
  • Scaling
  • Testing Methods and Objectives
  • Other Methodologies


A DevOps Master certified professional will facilitate DevOps successfully in a team and leads the organization to:

  • Continuous Integration: easy hand-off from Development to Operations and Support
  • Continuous Deployment: release continuously or as per the requirement
  • Continuous Feedback: feedback from stakeholders are looked for during all lifecycle stages
  • Having a blame-free culture of sharing stories and developing empathy,
  • Providing applications and services for the business Just-in-Time (JiT)


  • Application or Service Developers, Agile Scrum Masters, Test Engineers, Test Managers, IT Service Managers, Process Managers and Lean IT Practitioners.
  • Individuals and organisations seeking a fundamental understanding of DevOps
  • Employees, managers, stakeholders and suppliers who are leading or contributing to an organisation’s DevOps initiatives.
  • Consultants guiding their clients through DevOps programs and process improvement initiatives.
  • DevOps engineer, product owner, integration specialist, operations manager, software developer, incident and change manager, system administrator, network administrator, business manager, automation architect, enterprise architect, program manager, project manager, release manager, CIO.
  • Internal and external suppliers


Exam Duration: 120 minutes 

Exam Format: 50 Multiple Choice

Exam Pass Mark: 66% 

Electronic Devices Permitted: No

Open Book: No

Prerequisites: None. Basic familiarity with IT and IT frameworks (Agile, Lean, ITSM) is recommended


Is an experienced IT professional, consultant and educator. His interests are in helping organizations to improve the performance of technology used to implement their business strategy and organizational change in order to achieve the benefits from these investments.




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